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Diesel fuel injectors' structures, types, and working principles

Everyone should know that the function of the fuel injector is to atomize the fuel into finer particles, distribute them reasonably into the combustion chamber, and mix with the air to form a combustible mixture. The working conditions that the injector should meet is that the injection should have a certain injection and range, as well as a suitable spray cone angle and spray quality; at the specified stop injection time, the fuel supply should be quickly cut off, and it should not occur at the end of the injection. For the dripping phenomenon, the fuel supply amount of each cycle should meet the requirements of less fuel injection at the beginning, more fuel injection in the middle period, and less fuel injection in the later period.
Type of injector:
Generally divided into open type and closed type. Now diesel engines widely use closed type injectors. The currently used injectors are closed type injectors, hole type injectors and pin-type injectors. There are two types of pintle injectors. The fuel injector of the closed fuel injector is a pair of precision couplers composed of a needle valve and a needle valve body, and the matching clearance is only 0.002-0.004mm. For this reason, after finishing, they still need to be paired and ground, so they cannot be interchanged in use.
Generally, the needle valve is made of high-speed steel with good thermal stability, and the needle valve body is made of high-quality alloy steel with impact resistance. According to the different structure of the injector, the closed injector can be divided into two types: hole injector and pin injector, which are respectively used in different types of combustion chambers.

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