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Frequently Asked Questions About Brake Hose

The brake hose plays an important role in the transmission of the brake system, but due to its special material, its use is periodic. However, brake hoses are not as well known to the general public as brake discs and pads. What can go wrong with using brake hoses and how often should they be changed?
What can go wrong with using brake hoses?
1. The brake hose leaks oil.
Brake hose leaks are very serious and dangerous. Once the brake hose leaks oil, it will directly affect the normal operation of the brake system, and even lead to brake failure. Once the brake hose of the vehicle is found to be leaking oil, it needs to be replaced immediately.
2. The brake hose is broken.
Most of the original brake hoses are made of rubber, and the rubber products have a long service life. Even if the car is driven little or never and the brake hoses are unused, they can crack due to aging rubber and require regular inspection.
3. Brake hose expansion
Brake hoses are bulging, like tires are bulging. However, it's easy to spot the exposed tires, while the brake hose bulge is hard to spot. Brake hose bulges are potentially dangerous and can develop into squibs. Once the brake hose bursts, the brakes will fail, and the consequences are self-evident.
4. The brake hose is scratched.
When the car is driving, most of the roads are now flat, and it is inevitable that there will be bad road conditions, such as uneven road surfaces, potholes, stones and bricks, which will cause bumps and scratches on the brake hose. If the scratch is serious, there is a possibility of oil leakage and pipe burst.
5. The brake hose connector is rusted.
The joints are corroded and rusted. In severe cases, the joints will break and cause the brakes to fail.
Once the brake hose fails, the braking force will drop, which will also affect the accuracy and reliability of braking, threatening the lives of drivers and passengers. Be sure to check the brake hose regularly, and repair and replace it as soon as possible if the above situation occurs.

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