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How to install trailer cables

1. The laying of the drag chain cable cannot be twisted, that is, the cable cannot be unrolled from the cable drum or one end of the cable drum. First, spin the reel or cable reel to unwind the cable and unwind or hang the cable if necessary. The cables used in this case can only be obtained directly from the cable coil.
2. Pay attention to the minimum bending radius of the cable, and the installation radius is not less than 6 times the diameter of the cable.
3. The cables must be loosely laid side by side in the drag chain, separated as much as possible, separated by a partition or inserted into the separation hole of the bracket baffle, and the gap between the cables in the drag chain should be at least 10% of the cable diameter.
4. The cables in the drag chain must not touch or become jammed.
5. Both ends of the cable must be fixed, or at least fixed at the moving end of the drag chain. Generally, the distance between the moving point of the cable and the end of the drag chain should be 20-30 times the diameter of the cable.
6. Please ensure that the cable moves completely within the bending radius, that is, it cannot be moved forcibly. In this way the cables can be moved relative to each other or towards the device. After running for a while, it's a good idea to check where the cables are. This check must be done after pushing and pulling.
7. When the drag chain is broken, the cable also needs to be replaced. Overstretching injuries are inevitable.

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