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Nylon tubes are widely used in the industry

Nylon tube (polyamide), referred to as PA tube, also known as Nylon tube. It is a synthetic fiber with good physical, chemical and mechanical properties: wear-resistant and can be used in the presence of sand and iron filings; smooth surface, reducing resistance and preventing rust and scaling; soft and easy Curved for easy installation and simple processing. At the same time, it has rigidity. When a certain shape is required, it can be made into various shapes like metal pipes, and does not require complicated equipment and tooling; it can withstand the corrosion of many chemical substances; it has stable dimensions and low permeability; the resistance is extremely high. It can be used as an insulator; it has a long service life, even decades; it has good temperature resistance and can work in an environment of -40-100°C.
Nylon has many properties, so it is widely used in automobiles, electrical equipment, mechanical parts, transportation equipment, textiles, and papermaking machinery. With the miniaturization of automobiles, the high performance of electronic and electrical equipment, and the acceleration of the lightweight of mechanical equipment, the demand for nylon will be higher and greater. In particular, as a structural material, nylon has high requirements for its strength, heat resistance, and cold resistance. Nylon tubing is resistant to abrasion, stretching and bending, has great stability, and is easy to install without any special tools. Its good overall performance is unmatched by copper pipes, steel pipes, and rubber pipes, and it is an ideal material to replace copper, steel, and rubber.

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