Air Brake Hose Manufacturers

Air-brake hose are used to create air-brake lines on commercial trucks, over-the-road vehicles, and medium-duty trucks, connect to rigid lines in the brake system to allow movement and absorb vibration in the brake lines.
The air brake hose  is used in the car braking system to generate braking force and make the braking effective at any time. Strong and durable, long service life, wear-resistant
Zhejiang Chaoan Mechanical Co., Ltd. was established in 1995,is a China OEM Air Brake Hose Manufacturers and ODM Air Hose Factory,The company is located in Diankou Town which is named "Home of metal".The company which focus on researching and producing Injector sleeves, Air Hoses and Electrical Cables for the heavy-duty market. We specialize in Custom Air Brake Hose, We also according to customer request, to sample processing customized maps and using high quality material for production.Using advanced productive-equipment and more advance testing equipment to produse and producing more higher quality products to meet your exact specifications.We have completed our IOS/TS16949:2009.DOT certification and are certified to export our products globally. We currently export our products to satisfied customers throughout Asia, Europe and North America, Brazil, etc.

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We always adhere to the corporate concept of "human-centered, customer satisfaction and win-win cooperation"so as to realize building our company into a nationally advanced production base.